From The Heart began with yoga, a practice the owner Jennifer Basch loves.  Jennifer believes that yoga is one of the greatest tools to help others feel better.  There’s no pressure to look a certain way, do poses that you see on magazine covers or know anything about yoga.  The intention is students come to their mat, breathe deeply, move and leave feeling better.  Her teaching style is “from the heart”, listening to students needs and ensuring that the practice is accessible for all.    She has an advanced certification and has been teaching since 2009. She opened her yurt yoga studio in 2016 and is grateful for a space that is welcoming and creating community.

The clothing business started with a friend selling Jennifer her serger sewing machine.  As someone who has always loved sewing she decided to give it a go and make shawls to wear over her yoga clothes. From that, other creations have emerged, yoga pants, dresses, skirts, sweaters and shawls.  Jennifer decided to  take an earth friendly approach to her clothing line by upcycling, taking other clothing items and repurposing.  Minimal waist is the goal so scraps are used to make smaller item like arm warmers, festival flags, buntings and garlands.  Jennifer’s creations are sold in Loveland at Rabbask Designs and Little Piece of My Heart, in Estes Park at The Estes Park Yoga Studio and in her Etsy store fromtheheartloveland.  She also travels to various markets, craft shows and artisan fairs.